Glastechnik Kirste powered by green electricity


Glastechnik Kirste KG is contributing to CO2 reduction and the improvement of Thüringia’s environmental performance by purchasing green energy. 


Products for many applications

The number of quality products is as diverse as the number of processing methods for glass. We manufacture glass tubes and cylinders of different types of glass - whether as a whole or as ready-section with subsequent machining.


  • Soda (soda-lime glass)
  • borosilicate glass 3.3
  • fused silica
  • colored glass


  • glass tubes
  • cylinder
  • glass rods
  • sight glasses
  • measuring Cylinders
  • flat glass

The production of glass tubes and cylinders is basically to order in lengths up to 3000 mm. Glass tubes with calibrated internal diameter, primarily from Duran - glass from Schott are a major portion of the company's production.

By adopting various tools beliebigste forms can be manufactured to oval polygon basically of round, square.