Glastechnik receives innovation voucher from Thüringer Aufbaubank


Funded by the Free State of Thuringia from funds of the European Social Fund.

Precision glass tubes find application in several areas. The glass technology Kirste KG has many years of know-how for the internal calibration of pre


Services and products

The machining of glass is mainly characterized by a variety of methods and materials. Glastechnik Kirste KG offers these specialized, high-quality products and services. Emerging from the manufacturing of glass cylinders for various applications, our spectrum of goods is now much more diverse.

Therefore the different applications for customers at Glastechnik Kirste KG always take center stage.


The focal points of services are primarily in

  • Production of calibrated glass tubes
  • Special Machining
  • External machining of round glasses
  • Implementation of high-quality glass-grinding
  • Production of technical polish on outer contours
  • CNC machining of glass
  • Processing of flat glass
  • and the production of specialty products.

In these areas, the company has established itself as a recognized service provider on the market. The different applications and requirements of our customers are therefore always the focus of Glastechnik Kirste KG.