Glastechnik Kirste powered by green electricity


Glastechnik Kirste KG is contributing to CO2 reduction and the improvement of Thüringia’s environmental performance by purchasing green energy. 


CNC processing of glass

With the help of CNC-controlled 5-axis machining centers, we are also able to respond to a wide range of special requirements regarding the shape and design of the workpieces and to create almost every possible shape.

During milling, the workpiece to be machined is firmly clamped and the tool moves the previously programmed mold around the workpiece.

Thus, unsymmetrical as well as free forms and spatial geometries can be realized. The special technology of our CNC machining enables a high-precision and virtually eruptive edge shaping of the products to be machined.

On the other hand, the tool is firmly clamped during turning, and the workpiece rotates around the tool and can also be machined very precisely.

The programs for these ultra-modern machines are created externally and transmitted via suitable interfaces.