Bernd Kirste (CEO) reports:
Bernd Kirste, CEO of Glastechnik Kirste KG


Development cooperation between Glastechnik and ifw Jena started

Together with the Günter Köhler Institute for Joining Technology and Materials Testing GmbH (ifw Jena), a novel calibration procedure for outer diameters of glass tubes and the associated system technology is to be developed in the next two years.

Producing the outer diameter of glass tubes with accuracies of a few micrometers in diameter and concentricity is currently a very time-consuming process. The pipe is ground in several steps, with different grain sizes. If optical transparency is required, a mechanical polish must still be connected. Depending on the pipe dimension, cold working can take several hours.

Glastechnik and ifw Jena continue their many years of cooperation in the development of products and processes with this new challenge.