Bernd Kirste (CEO) reports:
Bernd Kirste, CEO of Glastechnik Kirste KG


Glastechnik on scientific forum in Jena

High-precision manufacturing in the Glastechnik Kirste KG

On 10.20.2015 was held at the Ernst-Abbe-University Jena a scientific forum under the title "ULTRASONIC grinding / milling and boron processing of Advanced Materials" instead. In addition to renowned scientific institutes and facilities Mr. Conrad Kirste had the opportunity to talk about the "ultrasonic processing of silicate materials using the example of Glastechnik Kirste KG" a much-publicized speech by the Glastechnik Kirste KG.


In addition to the ultrasonic machining of siliceous materials such as borosilicate and soda glass, quartz glass, ceramic Zerodur and also the notion of boundaries of technical glass processing from their own experience portfolio was the focus of the presentation. The manufacturing processes presented in the lecture and applied in the company mainly offer the following advantages:


  • high surface quality achievable
  • very clean edge formation
  • high reproducibility
  • component realization to be manufactured in micrometer range
  • Complicated geometries


Furthermore, had Mr. Kirste opportunity to refer to the long-standing tradition at the factory in Remda. So there is since 1836 a first historical mention of the production facility in Remda. About 1972, the annexation of the Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen. refers the history the company on the successful private takeover in 1990 by Gerhard Kirste to this company headed by Bernd Kirste.


A Success Story Made in Thuringia.